Hi, I’m Tim.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Just like every other child, this question was asked to me. I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC, where I remember pondering this tough question while organizing my dad’s work truck, and yes, I did so voluntarily. I was certain that order would help both of us think more clearly and work more efficiently.
Keeping a clean house was important to my family and by eight I had mastered the vacuum. Credit for my diligence and work ethic goes to my dad, but credit for my cleanliness goes to my mom. She knew how to train her high-energy child, starting with work and ending with play. 'Will I be a fireman or Spider-Man?' I’d ask while putting toys into categorized bins in my bedroom.
My name is Tim Hutchison and I enjoy organizing and cleaning. It’s because of this passion that I help other people gain control of their spaces. I no longer wonder what I will grow up to be, it seems that things have fallen into place... but if your things don't fall into place, give SimplifyWithTim a call and I'm sure we can help! 🙂
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